No need for alarm / by Cam

Our 2017 Ckaos Calendar has been hitting the streets, and desks, with our 'Where's the Ckaos' series. June's image is courtesy of Christopher.

So, what's been happening in (and out) of the studio...

Plenty of Food!

We thought we would start off with a mouth watering photo of one of Eleni's delicious creations... Chocolate Ripple Tart with salted caramel. YUM!

Eleni has also been busy art directing some beautiful food photography for one of our clients. So we thought we would give you a sneaky peek behind the scenes of one of our shots.

A Neon Garden

Cam had some time to spare in the city the other night and visited the neon night garden at the QV building. QV Melbourne have partnered with Melbourne-based international artist Carla O'Brien (White Night, Burning Man, Earthcore) to deliver an alluring new exhibition called Neon Night Garden, featuring nine colourful artworks in Carla's most extensive exhibit yet.  If you want to see it you'd better hurry it is only on until the 16th of June.

The Cats are packed...

Laura and Mitch recently moved house, and made sure that Gatsby and Daisy were packed for the move. It seems they settled in quite well.


joining the jetset

Alethea is off to drink/sightsee her way around Europe for three weeks. We wish her safe travels and welcome Monique who will be keeping her seat warm while she is gone.