Waving at August / by Cam

Our 2017 Ckaos Calendar has been hitting the streets, and desks, with our 'Where's the Ckaos' series. August's image is courtesy of Christopher.

So, what's been happening in (and out) of the studio...

Back in the (Photo) studio

Eleni was back in the photo studio recently on a super exciting upcoming project for one of our clients. She took these sneaky snaps on her phone. Stay tuned!


Lunch and Politics...YUm!

Emma not only designed the collateral for the Bayley House 2017 Annual Political Charity Lunch, she went along to this great event.

Bonobo Live

Eleni and Emma, had a night out at Bonobo's Melbourne concerts, at the recently renovated Forum. I'm not cool enough to comment, so we'll let the images speak for themselves! :)


Spring is coming isn't it?

We hope so! We are so over winter!

Alethea's back

Alethea's back from her overseas travels, but she hasn't sorted all her photo's yet, so we told her we needed her photo for a corporate document and then chucked it here instead!  #evilphotographer

Stay tuned for Alethea's pics from around Europe next month!