March Madness / by Cam

Our 2017 Ckaos Calendar has been hitting the streets, and desks, with our 'Where's the Ckaos' series. March's image is courtesy of Eleni and was taken in Sydney. 

So what's been happening in the studio....

It's a TINY world

Cameron and Alethea recently visited the sustainable living festival to explore the 'New Jones' Tiny house.  There has been much discussion (bordering on obsession) in the studio about the tiny house movement between them.  Haven't heard of the tiny house movement?? Just ask Cam or Alethea next time you call the studio and they will fill you in! We take no responsibility for the hours you may lose looking at tiny houses on Pinterest as a result!

Check out the NEW JONESES Tiny House here!

An Evening with Sir David

Emma went along to see the world’s most famous living naturalist, Sir David Attenborough in his Melbourne show Sir David Attenborough – A Quest for Life for a thoroughly entertaining evening. 

It brought back memories for Eleni of working with Sir David on a previous Ckaos project for the Australian Academy of Science Enlightening Campaign.  We've included the video below!

Sugar Mountain

Laura attended the Sugar Mountain festival earlier this year, a hot day packed with experimental art, music and eating. She had so much fun she only took one photo for us!

Happy Birthday Sam

Sam, our resident accounts legend recently turned an age that we are not allowed to mention, but we can show you the awesome antipasto platters that Eleni just 'threw together' for the 'major milestone'