Back in the Studio / by Cam


The Ckaos team have hit the ground running, hence why we missed our blog in January, well that and the fact that we spend out lazy Summer holidays enjoying the Melbourne sunshine. 

Our 2017 Ckaos Calendar has been hitting the streets with our 'Where's the Ckaos' series. February's image is courtesy of Cameron. and was taken in our own little laneway of Equitable Place. 

So what's been happening....

Falling into Summer

Laura, Alethea and Lucy all went to the Marion Bay Falls festival in Tasmania. The girls hitched a ride back with Laura's pilot Fiance, Mitch. 


Alethea's White Knight

Alethea attended the famous Melbourne White Night festival and shared some great photos with us. 


Summer Dreaming

Laura spent some of her summer holidays in Moolooaba, giving us all beach envy

Shooting for the stars

Emma spent much of her summer with the team at Everyday People preparing their AWESOME rocket clock for the Rainbow Serpent festival.