Heirloom for Improvement / by Christopher Karamihos

Our September Kitschen Ckaos recipe is Salted Toffee Heirloom Carrots. Our 2016 calendar combines our love of food, photography and design. This year our mouthwatering recipes focus on the delicious world of Hors d’Oeuvre, so join us on our gastronomic journey of discovery.

Salted Toffee Heirloom Carrots

Makes about 20 carrots

2 cups caster sugar
2 bunches heirloom baby carrots, scrubbed of excess dirt
1 tablespoon sea salt. 

Heat 1 cup caster sugar in a heavy based frying pan over high heat. As sugar begins to melt, rotate and swirl the pan to ensure the sugar melts evenly. Do not stir. Continue cooking until sugar has turned golden brown. Working quickly, dip each carrot into the toffee, turning to ensure they are well coated. Transfer to a baking-paper lined tray. Sprinkle with salt.

Repeat process again to complete carrots.  Serve.  


Freaky Shakes

So, someone in the studio, (we won't be mentioning any names) has embraced the trend of freakshakes.  We're just going to leave the evidence here...

What a Gas!

Alethea has moved on from her Drag Bingo adventures to a little more sophisticated viewing recently visiting the Degas exhibition at the NGV.

Edgar Degas is one of the most celebrated artists associated with French Impressionism. The art he made over more than fifty years of constant creativity and renewal embraces painting, drawing, printmaking, monotypes, sculpture and photography, and has had an immense impact on modern and contemporary art.

You had better get your skates on the exhibition closes on the 18th September.

A foodies tour of Europe

For all our foodie friends, feast your eye's on Laura's foodie tour of Europe.  Please try not to drool on your screen!